Only the best materials have been chosen to create our Tapetoo tiles. We therefore use wool from the Merino sheep, which have some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep on our planet.

When our Merino wool arrives in the felting factory, it has made quite a journey already. The wool is mainly from Australia and south America and is first washed before it finds its way to our felting area. There it undergoes the transformation to industrial wool felt. All steps in the production process take place in western Europe. For the process to go smooth and efficient the machines are interlocked to make a continuous process. This makes the machinery almost 100 meters long.

Merino wool yarns are felted and compacted by using hot water, natural soap and a lot of friction until a fabric is formed namely wool felt. This is the material we use for our tiles. When taking a closer look to the process of making wool felt a microscope shows us that these wool fibers have scales. Under the influence of natural soap and heat, these scales open and at the same time friction causes it to interlock the scales into one another to form a strong, resilient bond.

The blended wool felt is made of pure virgin wool. Which has the natural ability to be dirt-repellent and fire resistant. The mixed grey and brown shades are produced when several colors of unpainted Merino sheep wool are mixed. For the colored shades pigments from the uni paint series are used. Our wool felt is toxic-free and fulfills the requirements of the UNE-EN 71-2, UNE-EN 71-3 and öko-Tex 100.