Tapetoo is a Dutch product, designed and produced in the Netherlands. 
This new, functional and high quality design is part of W-products, a young company based in Rotterdam. We are proud to introduce to you this premium interior product.

“An empty room
is a story waiting to happen,
and you are the author.”

Tapetoo is a modular carpet system which provides the unique possibility to create your personalized carpet in form and color. “Everything connects” lies at the heart of this product designed by Frans van Rens.

Tapetoo has got a 100% wool felt top layer. The tiles are available in four basic, natural colors and several support colors to create your own carpet, matching any interior. It is even possible to use different fabrics, such as leather or denim. A clearly visible white cotton yarn is used in every tile, however this can also be customized with any color of stitching you like.

The tiles are formed in such a way that they can be easily assembled into any personal creation of your liking. The tiles can be put together by adjusting the rubberized connectors at the back which are slip proof to any surface.
The look and tactility of this product is of utmost importance. Due to the use of a soft pad in between the bottom and top layer of the 40×40 tile, it doesn’t just look soft, it also has a cushioned feel to it.
Design your wish into a stunning floor.